Mega Slide

This slide unit has 2 sliding lanes, and is a little smaller than our Mega Dual Lane Slide.  And as opposed to climbing up and sliding down on the SAME side, on this unit, you climb up one side and down the other! 2020 Kentucky Approved

Mega Dual Lane Slide

One of our largest slides, the Mega Dual Lane Slide features a climbing wall and two separate sliding lanes.  This unit can also be joined with our other “Mega” pieces! 2020 Kentucky Approved

Mega 3 Combo

This unit is comprised of three pieces and is over 100 feet long!  Great for large events, corporate picnics, or school functions.  Mega 3 Obstacle contains a Mega Dual Lane Slide, a smaller Dual Lane Slide, and a Mega Obstacle course. 2020 Kentucky Approved

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