We set up tents all over Clarksville, TN and the surrounding areas. We have a range of sizes that you can pick from to fit your exact event!

Our rental specialist will walk you through all of the booking process. We will conduct site visits and draft floor plans to make sure your event will be executed flawlessly. Check out some of our resources below!

Tent Resources

Description Square Footage Price
15’x15′ Frame 200 sqft $230
20’x20′ Frame 400 sqft $405
20’x30′ Frame 600 sqft $600
20’x40′ Frame 800 sqft $795
30’x30′ Twin-Tube 900 sqft $900
30’x45′ Twin-Tube 1,350 sqft $1,350
30’x60′ Twin-Tube 1,800 sqft $1,800
30’x75′ Twin-Tube 2,250 sqft $2,250
Larger Sizes Available Call for Details  

sizing & capacity references

  • 8 sqft./per person – Standing/Cocktails
  • 10 sqft./per person – Banquet Seating
  • 12 sqft./per person – Round Table Seating
  • 4 sqft./per person – Theater Seating
  • 100 sqft – Buffet Table
  • 150 sqft – Bar
  • 100 sqft – DJ
  • 30 sqft / per person – Band
  • 4 sqft./per person – Dance Floor

example layouts

accessories & ATtachments

Covered Poles (Plastic)$15 per leg
Sidewalls (All White)$1.85 per running foot
(e.g., 10’x10′ tent = 18.50+18.50+18.50+18.50= $74)
Sidewalls (White with Window)$ 3.50 per running foot
(e.g., 10’x10′ tent = 35+35+35+35 = $140)
Sidewalls (Clear Walls)$ 5.00 per running foot
(e.g., 10’x10′ tent = 50+50+50+50= $200)
Water Barrels for 15’x15′ frame$ 95.00
Water Barrels for 20’x20′ frame$ 95.00
Water Barrels for 20’x30′ frame$ 140.00
Water Barrels for 20’x40′ frame$ 185.00
Water Barrels for 30’x30′ frame$ 185.00
Water Barrels for 30’x45′ frame$ 230.00
Water Barrels for 30’x60′ and 30’x75′ frame$ 315.00
White Water Barrel covers for all Wedding Tent orders$10 per Barrel Cover

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