Meet Our Team

Karey, Owner

Pictured here with her husband Neal, Karey is the owner of PSR Events, The Mad Herbalist and The Tanglewood House. She is who you will find making all the floral, curating all the menus, and designing all the events. 

Ronda, Linen Specialist/Bar Manager

Have you booked a bar or linens with us? Ronda runs and manages all of the bars that we run. She also prepares all of our perfectly pressed linens for all of our events. 

Mandie, Catering and Decor Sales Manager / Event Specialist

Mandie is one of our Event Specialists. When you want catering, decor, or floral you will probably discuss with Mandie. She will help you with the basics of your events, wedding or birthday party. 

Stephen, Chef

You probably won’t see chef to much! he is in the kitchen preparing the best food for all our clients. If you book us for catering you’re going to be grateful that we have this guy in the kitchen! 

James, Delivery Manager

James is our other tride and true delivery driver. If you didn’t get David then James is your guy. He is also our master light set up guy and our fixer of all things! 

Jeff, Do-er of All Things

Jeff is part of this lovely PSR Family. You can find him helping us in the most unique ways! Are you getting natural greenery for decor? You bet that Jeff is the guys behind the scenes making sure it is watered before your event. 

Miles Rossi, Warehouse Manager

Miles works hard to help us prepare all of our orders. Paint touched up? Miles is your guy. Chairs cleaned and counted? Miles is your guy.  

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